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This auction is for a Professional Set Up Arboreal Vivarium Viv. (RRP £600!!!) :O

I am a keeper and re-homer of lizards and reptiles and build professional and comfortable forever life homes for those animals I get in and move them on to loving homes complete with an appropriate set up. This vivarium was one I built to house an extremely rare Spiney Tailed Iguana I rescued which has since been relocated to a zoo. This viv cost me over £400 originally and since then I have highly upgraded the walls pro repti mud which has been treated on the inside to make sure it stays firmly stuck down (£60), with fully climbable surfaces such as cork walls (£90) and a host of sticks I bought for your reptile to enjoy basking on.

It is 3X3X1 1/2 and also comes with the same width matching cabinet below which is another 2 1/2 foot tall and full of useful storage space and extremely sturdy and wonderful build quality.

I can offer you a full set up including a new UV Bulb, UV Driver, Bowls, Heat Bulb, Feeding Dishes, Water Bowls and Light Guard for a little bit extra, all you have to do is drop me a message and I will do my absolute best to make your new reptiles home the best it can be! :D I will definitely charge a lot less that these items are new in shop and everything will be fully sterilised so it is safe for your new creature.
If you would like any more photo's or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! :D
Thank you so much for your time! :)

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2 years
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