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This is one the hardest decisions I've had to make to date however I feel it’s time I thought of my cats’, Boots, happiness and welfare before my own.

I am looking for a new forever home for my black and white domestic short hair neutered male cat called Boots. This decision is not one I have taken lightly and it’s based upon the difference between his current lifestyle to his previous one.

Boots was born May 2010, whom we had a six weeks old he was pretty much a free spirit in his own right, in the fact where I used to live he was an avid hunter, who loved being outdoors and was free to roam outside and around the home as he saw fit and be very much a part of the family and neighbours. Boots had a huge personality who loved to play, especially hide and seek or crawl across the floor ready to pounce on all those who ‘dared’ to pass him. He also loved our Black Labrador Bramble, so much so they were often found curled up together in Bramble’s bed. Boots doesn’t have an ounce of malice in him he’s just a playful fun loving adorable cuddly chap. However, unbeknown to Boots his life was about to change considerably and this happened some 12 months ago when my ‘new family’ moved in along with the arrival of their much loved Jack Russell!

We have also since moved home (some 6 months ago) and Boots now remains confined to my bedroom (his choice), he refuses to go downstairs in fear of being attacked again by the ‘Jack Russel and although the ‘culprit’ is unable to get upstairs Boots will not attempt to go downstairs or go outside despite my numerous attempts to entice him out, sit with him, play with him and even try to walk him round outside on a lead in the hope he gets the feel of his independence once again. As a result of this I have witnessed Boots become more withdrawn, almost depressed and I’m fearful for his health and well-being if I continue to force him to continue with this ‘lifestyle’ which clearly does not suit him at all.

Boots’ behavior has become quite distressing to watch in the sense he will not settle day or night. Plus due to his lack of exercise Boots has also put on a bit of weight which is also a concern as he is ordinarily a larger than normal cat. He is clearly very frustrated by his lack of social interaction which isn’t at all helped due to all the household either in full-time education or working, therefore time is extremely limited with him and because of this lack of socialisation it’s undoubtedly a major contributory factor towards his distress. It breaks my heart knowing he is clearly very unhappy but I know someone somewhere will be in a position to offer Boots the home he so clearly deserves and I am no longer able to offer.

Ideally Boots would be looking for a home which has no other cats or dogs. Possibly a mature family who have oodles of time to spend with him to encourage him back to the Boots he once was 12+ months ago. The reward…I can guarantee once he’s shown he’s loved he will follow you around like a lost sheep as well as adore and be your loyal friend forever. He really is an adorably wonderful cat.

I do however have terms and conditions to meet! I request for whoever wishes to be considered as Boots’ new forever home to firstly meet all his potential new family. Once his potential new family has been agreed, I suggest a trial period to be a sensible way forward before any final decisions could indeed be made. Finally, and most importantly I would like to be kept in touch with Boots’ progress by way of regular updates, photos etc. I’d like to think I’m not at all unreasonable in the conditions mentioned I just want to be certain I have done my upmost to try and safeguard Boots’ future.

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