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This is breaking my heart but I find myself in the horrible position of having to re home my 5 year old male cat Murphy through absolutely no fault of his own. He has always lived with my other cat who is female but recently they have started to fight which I have tried to cure but nothing has worked and it is just stressful for them both. It isnt Murphy causing the fights it is Mimi however I cannot re home her as she isn't particularly friendly with strangers she is a one person cat and is much much older. Murphy is pure white and long haired, neutered, micro chipped and recently had his boosters and was wormed. He is such a gentle soul and has always been fabulous with my son now five year old son who was born when he was a kitten. Murphy is a house cat and cannot go out at all as he has no road sense having always stayed indoors, he will get sunburnt as he has little pigment in his skin being all white and his eyes will run (like us with hayfever) but he has always been a house cat so staying indoors does not bother him. I get him groomed by a lady that comes to my house about three times a year just to strip his coat out a bit in the hotter months and keep him fresh but you don't need to do that as he is very easy to keep tangle free if he has a good brush once a week which he enjoys. He has never bitten or scratched me or anyone else ever even when visiting children have been a bit too much for him. He has a litter tray and uses that and only that to toilet in. He is like a big soft teddy bear and likes to follow you about and have a good cuddle and gives you kisses but he isn't a cat that wants to sit on your lap for hours he prefers to sit close up to you on the sofa or by your feet (like a dog lol) I will not let him go to just anyone I would need to speak with you first and then preferably bring him to your house to settle him in as he has been with me for a long time now. You must have owned cats before (preferably indoor cats) and you must be serious about keeping him inside and keeping him regularly groomed. He must also be the only cat in the home and is not to live with a dog as this would be too stressful for him. The asking price is only to ensure a good home for him and that he is going to be well cared for but it is negotiable the home is more important than the money to me.

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