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Selling my complete exo terra set up that used to house my two rough green snakes.
The set up comes with:
The exo terra glass vivarium (which is in immaculate condition, I even replaced the rust prone steel mesh with aluminium screen).
1 repti moss carpet
4 large pieces of drift wood/branches
2 artificial branches
An assortment of artificial silk and plastic plants.
A hardly used reptile hydro/thermometer
A habitat dimmer thermostat
Exo terra dual canopy hood with two working (UVB) bulbs, which will need to be replaced in 6-8 months.
A halogen basking lamp and porcelain dome reflector/holder.
RRP price, I remember paying well over £350 for everything. The Exo terra glass vivarium alone was £200 or so.
Enclosure is 3 feet high, by 2 feet wide, by 1.5 feet deep.

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