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So recently I've got a new job and my lifestyle has changed completly which has unfortunately led to having less time to spend with my right hand man. He's a male boa constrictor still young, only a year and a half old as had him from a baby. His dad was a red tail and his mum was a common so his colours after a shed are fabulous and will only get better with growth. He is handled a lot and great around kids, never been snapped at or bitten, the most friendly snake I've ever had! He will grow fairly big and is on large wiener rats at the moment and poos and feeds well. I'm basically looking for interest as I will not let him go to the wrong owner, he needs someone who has had experience with snakes and is looking to give him the best possible home! He will also be moving with his bachelor pad ATM which is a 4ft vivarium made from beech wood, with the full set up pulse habistat, heat cage, ceramic bulb and holder, logs, water bowl etc. There are also digital thermostats and hydro stats in the vic. Furthermore there is a bulb holder for anyone wanting to put a long lamp in there but I would recommend LEDs as why I never used it. Please message me for any more information

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Private Advert
Boa constrictor
Current Age
18 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate