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Meet my cat Callie, she is 7 years old this month and has been spayed.
I am wanting to rehome her through no fault of her own as she has become a bit scared of my 15 month old dog... I've given them chance for a year but she really is not happy as he is boisterous and she just wants to hide away from him. I know it must be because of my dog as he was in kennels after I got back off holiday and she was a different cat to be honest. Not saying she doesn't get on with all dogs as she is fine with my 3 year old dog so she would be suited to a home that either has no dogs or the dog is older and wouldn't take an interest in her. I also have another cat who she gets on with fine. I have older kids of 13 and 17 but I don't think she would be suited to a lively home with very young children so about 6 years + would be fine. She is very much a house cat but will go explore in the garden from time to time but as I say at the moment she won't through fear of the dog. I feel it it in her best interests if I rehomed her now as seeing her hiding away most of the time is not giving her a great quality of life.

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