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I have this planted aquarium tank setup in my office near London Victoria Station, which I am thinking of selling. The tank comes with all its flora and fauna (i.e. fish, shrimps, plants, bogwoods, etc) and the complete automated setup, kits, bells and whistles(List below).

Price: All for just 100 pounds. First come first served.

Transport Logistics: Not provided. Please ensure you have atleast 2 able-bodied personnel, who can carry. Tank weighs 18 kilos without water and substrate.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'
Didiplis diandra
Ludwigia repens 'Rubin'
Anubias 'golden',
H. Cuba,
Xmas moss and Java moss

6 Cherry barbs
13 Neon tetras
4 Siamese algae eaters
10 Amano Shrimps

Eheim Aquabay 104 L tank (with LED lighting fitted to the hood)
Eheim Ecco Pro 130 (intake fitted with a surface skimmer)
Aquael AluDekor 80 Bow Cabinet
Modle HT-600 Inline Heater attached to filter outlet
Eheim Everyday Programmable Fish Feeder (with 4 slots)
Miscellaneous stuff such as fish food, Cleaning equipments, Fish Nets, Water quality Test kits, etc

Known issues:
* Priming handle in the filter chipped on the left side. I never bothered to fix it because the pump is powerful enough to prime on its own

Reason for selling: Moving to another office and no longer have the motivation to dismantle and set up again.

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