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Forever home for unwanted reptiles

This advert is located in and around Bristol, England

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Hi there!

My family and I are offering forever homes for unwanted reptiles and amphibians. However I am unable to take in large snakes ie retics etc due to space, and am temporarily unable to accommodate any more turtles or terrapins. I will have another set up ready for turtles/ terrapins next summer.

I'm open to most types of reptiles etc. Including skinks, tegus, geckos, dragons, chameleons, ball pythons, Sand boas and more. Species are not too important and neither is gender, as any animals I take in live with us for a loving forever home as pets only, and will not be bred from or sold on, so I will not make a profit from any of them. They will be treated like family and spoilt rotten!

We already have quite a collection of pets including many animals we have taken in already over the years, and years of animal experience between us, although exotics are mostly my side of things. I previously worked in a reptile shop and have always had pets of all varieties. Currently I have 10 rescue animals in my care and have had many more in the past.

Currently on the reptilian side that I have or have had in the past - 4 bearded dragons, 2 leopard geckos, 3 musk turtles, 3 red eared terrapins, a cornsnake, a ratsnake, 2 whites tree frogs, a blue tongue skink and an adult tegu so have experience with larger lizards too.

I'm also happy to work with often aggressive or grumpy reptiles too as my tegu was 2ft, neglected and abused and never handled before she came to me and I got her puppy tame at just over 3ft in 6 months. But please give me a heads up first!

Due to high demand, I can now only take on animals that come with their set ups. Although I am more than happy to upgrade vivs, heating or lighting equipment.

I'm also more than happy to stay in touch with you if you'd like to know how they're doing every now and then, as I understand it can be hard to give up a much loved pet.

I'm open to most animals whether they are retired, old, aggressive, grumpy, fussy eaters, in need of a little extra help weight wise, slightly neglected, or if you simply cannot take care of them anymore. I also take in rescues. My animals are also vet checked regularly.

If you think I might be able to help you then please message me and if I can help you I will :)

Must be within 15 miles of BS40 (Chew Valley) area, as I have to rely on someone else for transport. (I will not use couriers either in case it causes stress to the animal).

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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