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Lovely friendly young male bearded dragon looking for a new home asap.
I took him on a few weeks back on a temporary basis but this has now become permanent and now I am out of my depth with him.
I do not have the knowledge or the time to care for him.he is very active and inquisitive and prefers being out running around than being in his tank.
He has started maturing and becoming stronger and his behaviour is becoming more than I can handle.I worry he will hurt himself.
He eats well and loves his live food.previous owner rarely fed greens or veg so he is reluctant to try anything but he will eat Rocket. He hand feeds no problem.
Has shed his skin in the last week.

Due to my recent health issues and being in hospital I have found his behaviour has changed in relation to a change in his rountine.He is trying to be very dominant and is aggressive at times.

He needs a home where someone can give him time and attention and have the knowledge to care for him properly.

He will come with his 4ft viv which needs repaired at the front due to him diving at the glass daily the runners are loose.
He will also have his branches,dishes etc included too.Any live food will be included too

The 2 UVB tubes and the basking bulb were all changed 5 weeks ago so plenty life in them.

Buyer must collect.I dont drive so please do not ask me to deliver.
Need him gone asap.

Email for details if required

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Bearded Dragon
Current Age
12 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate