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Selling my AquaMarine 900 in excellent condition, previously used as marine but can be used as tropical as well. Tank is bow fronted which enhances view, lighting is adapted to LEDs fitted in hood which succesfully grew lps and soft coral. Has a lovely beech cabinet, specialy built and extremely well ventilated, with multiple outlets to accommodate the MariSys Marine Filtration. Appart from excellent filtration performance, the surface skimmer with return flow module is self priming thanks to the integrated peristaltic pump, which ensures if power is lost the filter does not overflow and automatically restarts when electricity is resumed.

Dimensions Tank: 90W x 40D x 58H cm
Dimensions Cabinet: 55W x 55D x 74.5H cm Capacity: 176L
Lighting: 2x Arcadia led light bars fitted in hood
Glass thickness: 10mm
Heater: 200W
Filtration: Marisys 240 sump system, skimmer with peristatic pump, air pump, return pump, new woodstones for skimmer.
Wave circulation: 2000l/hr wave maker
Available Cabinet finish: Beech
Full bag of coral sand included and a few pieces of liverock to set you off.

This is a well looked after tank and a brilliant setup with all you need for lighting and filtration to keep marines successfully, without having a sump. Asking £250.

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Aqua One
Marine 900
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