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Fantasia (Fanta) is a young three year old roan/skewbald. She is a cob X. Mother was 14.3, father unknown
The previous owner bought the mother already in foal so no history is known of the daddy. The last time we measured her she was nearly 15hh but I suspect she is a little bigger now and is still bum high so more growing to be done.
She is well tempered and very friendly but will need someone to commit a lot of time to her. She is not backed but we have started to work with her. She is looking for a home with someone who will spoil her and give her the attention she deserves!
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Fanta was stabled next to a pig in her first home and tractors/trailers moved around the farm daily. She is currently a a yard with chickens and a local farmer keeps occasionally keeps sheep in our field to graze the grass down for us. All she is interested in is their food.
I bought her with the intention of bringing her on and growing together – this hasn’t happened due to health and work issues. Whilst we love Fanta dearly realistically she will probably just end up sitting in a field with daily cuddles.
Very little has been done with her – she had never had the farrier when we got her and was funny with her feet but we seem to have overcome that although occasionally she likes to lean on you when you are hoof picking one of the hind feet.
She is very good for our farrier although we always stand at her head as she is very nosy and likes to play with the farrier’s apron belt.
Fanta does not need shoes and my farrier says that so long as we keep her regularly trimmed she should never need shoes as she has very good feet.
Due to my health issues very little has been done with Fanta and she is looking for a loving home. We would like to ensure she never ends up at market or with someone who doesn’t love her like we do so I would request that if she was ever to be sold on again she was offered for me to buy back before she was to be sold on to anyone else.
Fanta is currently in a field with a Dartmoor pony – she has always had company and we would like her to go where there is at least one more horse/pony if possible.
When we first got Fanta she was a bit jumpy when taken out for a walk but now is very inquisitive and wants to look at everything. We haven’t got her out very much recently so I think we must describe her as very inexperienced and any potential buyer must be experienced with young horses.
Fanta adores being groomed – especially her backside! In the field she will swing her backside round which to the observer may look like she is going to kick out but it is merely for a bottom scratch – something she never tires of.
We gave Fanta her first full bath earlier this year (previously just bits of her and wiped on/off rather than chucking water over her). She loved the shampoo being scrubbed in but was a bit fidgety when water was poured over her. I held her rather than tying her up and all she did was walk round me – no dramatics just tried to walk away from the dripping sensation. She enjoyed a towel rub and sweat scraper.
Fanta has never tried to kick out and although she does not bite she can be a baby and likes to chew/nibble things – we often play hunt her bucket as she likes to play with it and throw it up the field. We have bought a gym ball for her but not played with it as yet but suspect she would enjoy having it to mess around with.
Fanta has been in a trailer once (to come to our place) and she travelled well once she could turn round! She settled down no problem once we allowed her to stand with her back to the car but I suspect may be reluctant to enter a trailer the next time without a bit of patience – although she does love her food. I no longer have access to a trailer so have been unable to work on this.
Any potential home would have to be checked first as I love Fanta so much and I want to make sure she will be happy where she is going.
My health problem is long term and can only be controlled not cured so I am unlikely to be able to put the work in to keep a horse and I am too busy to take on a youngster – I will miss her dearly but it is best for her if she goes to home where someone can put the work in that she needs.

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Cob X
15 hh
Current Age
3 years