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2 Japanese Akitas for Re-Homing

This advert is located in and around Crowfield, Suffolk

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Unfortunately due to our household be too busy for them we are having to find a new and loving home for our beautiful and absolute lovely Japanese Akitas.
Mya and Marley have been together since they can remember. Mya is now 3 and Marley is coming up to 1 year. They get on great being boyfriend and girlfriend. Both have just been done (2 weeks ago) at a HUGE cost to us and both have been part of the VETplan, so all vaccinations and checks are up to date.
We have 4 young children and the dogs are perfect with them - never have we had any concern with them and the children, however they are NOT good with other animals and certainly strangers.
The dogs are left home in the daytime, but do get anxious with this and can tend to eat their beds or eat whatever they find! but with each other they do keep each other good company. They will only be taken together - we will not split them up.
We would only re home the dogs with someone that understands the breed. Akita dogs are VERY loyal and loving, but this does lead to protection from others on their territory; however territory can mean house or even village to them. They are not to be allowed off lead.
they are trained to a point. Sit, paw, heel and the basics but could do with more if you wish too. however Akita should be trained by an Akita specialist, any trainer that does not understand the breed would just confuse them.
If you are able to give them a loving home and family, we would ask for phone contact first to interview you. Photos of your home also. followed by a visit if we feel you are suitable for them. Sorry to sound quite harsh here, but they are our family pets and it is a hard and painful decision to let them go, but with 4 kids and a busy life they are not getting the best of us. We are asking for you to cover our costs on the dogs - We feel it is only fair to ask for this for them to be re homed and also if you are the right family to provide a new loving home - you would also understand this. We will not give our dogs away to the anyone.

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