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WANTED - Eclectus (Not For Breeding)

This advert is located in and around Fakenham, Norfolk

Advert Description

Offering a forever home to eclectus. Knowledgeable home awaits... I have no intention of breeding them, so if you are looking to re-home your fid, I can assure you they would be lovingly kept as a pet and NOT shoved outside into an aviary as part of some breeding programme! My fully flighted female came from a household that had many birds and I believe she would benefit from some more feathered company whilest I'm at work. My partner is home all day, but I do like my parrots to be well socialised with their own kind as well as people!

I feed a wide variety of freshly chopped vegetables daily, plus a mixture of organic sprouted seeds, fresh fruit, a teaspoon of seeds and occasional wild / basmati rice & cooked sweet potato and beans. If your ekkie is on any other diet, I would maintain their original diet and transition them slowly onto the above diet.

Your ekkie would be out of their cage for as long as possible each day for some training, probably more in the summer when they could go outside for further exercise in a flight cage.

Please contact me with details if you have an eclectus looking for company and love. I am not able to offer a huge amount of money, as I spend my money on the parrots food, toys and vet visits, providing the best care I can.

Additional Information

This advert has no additional information available. Why not get in touch with Violet to request more…