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Free to good home. He's my ex's and she has nowhere for him and I'm never here so he's lonely. I don't have a complete history, as my ex brought him home from work (vets) as the rspca had dropped him off from an evicted house. He's got a scar towards his rear that I'm assuming is a burn mark, and they had found him in an evicted house that had been empty for almost two months, so he had no food water or heat in that time. He's very friendly, maybe a little shy recently (because I'm always away), and he loves the front pocket on your hoody! He takes medium fuzzy/weaner rats, 2 of them once a month (48 hours apart). I've tried every other possible combination, once every ten days, two weeks etc, but this way is the best. He's not particularly fussy, especially for a royal, and he'll eat during the day and while you're watching. His favourite place is a cardboard tube (you can have it), as he can lie in it stretched out, and he spends a lot of his time there. I say 'he' but I'm guessing based on shape, and his age is a guess as 5 years (I've had him for 3). He moults regularly and has never had any issues. No viv included, and I'd like to see photos of your set up before he goes, to be sure he'll be ok. I have hundreds of photos so ask if you want more. I can deliver Midlands based for a fee, just send me your postcode and I'll send you a price. I'm away for next couple of weeks, and I'm in no rush, happy to wait for the best home for him.

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Royal Python
Current Age
5 years
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate