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For sale are my two darling female African Pygmy Hegehogs. They are mother and daughter, Petal (1.5 years whiter one) and Suki (2.5 years darker one).
Due to a change in living situation I'm having to re-home these gorgeous pets. I'm looking for a new owner who can offer a comfortable home for these two. They are extremely low maintanence pets that require little attention, however I would like to find an owner who would have an hour or so an evening to give cuddles and interact with them.
They come in a new vivarium I bought only a few weeks back. Installed with a heat lamp, thermostat and wheel all ready set up. There is an outside thermostat set to 23/24•C which maintains a nice warm environment for the hedgehogs, it's on the sleeping side of the vivarium so they have the running and eating area slightly cooler helping them maintain there own body heat. I lay a puppy pad down under the wheel (they're proudly litter trained this way) and then use bundles of fleece and pouches and mats in their sleeping quarters (cute handmade ones from Etsy). All of the bedding, food, bathing products, bowls and everything they need is included in the sale.
As for their personalities Petal the larger white hog is a little sassy but absolutely adorable, she likes to do her own thing and will entertain herself well. Where as Suki is the most slow and gentle hog I've ever incountered. She loves to explore, is totally happy to be woken up for cuddles and is an absolute charm. Petal just lives for meal worms and the wheel but given the chance to go free range on the floor or in a play pen (wooden one included) she is very micheveous too!
I really will only re-home them to a lovely new owner who has researched African Pygmy Hedgehogs and understands the care needed. Like I said they're very easy to look after and it really is up to you how much you interact with them. Please do note, both these hogs CANNOT be bred from as they have WHS in the blood line.
They drink daily fresh water from a bowl. And eat dry cat food mix (good quality) wet cat food, meal worms (I go for dried but they'd love to try live insects!) and fruit and veggies.
Petal'a favourite food is mashed banana. So if you're interesting in owning two African Pygmy Hedgehogs then please show interest. Please do not buy for breeding or as an impulse buy, these girls want a loving home and will bring joy to anyone who wishes for an adorable, entertaining and low maintence pet.
Thank you for your time. Freya :) x

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African Pygmy
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18 months