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Fully furnished glass vivarium measuring 120cm x 45cm x 38cm. This is a converted fish tank with venting, ceramic bulb, sliding glass doors, heat mats, thermostat and fibreglass background. the fish tank was waterproof before conversion so should still be so if converted back. I've used this vivarium to keep my major skinks in, liking it so much that they have bred in here, they are large strong skinks and have never broke out but this was my first project so not quite as pretty as the others i'm selling but could easily be tarted up with some trim and silicone sealant. Everything mentioned is included (as is substrate plants and false rock hides) including the skinks which are around 2' long healthy omnivores. they're great animals happy to eat insects, whole prey such as small mice as well as veggies. They're not particularly a handling animal being happier to be kept and observed. Still a great centre piece to any house, perfect for many species and part of my reptile house currently for sale (see my other listings for 6 other furnished vivariums/paladariums for sale)

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Private Advert
Bellatorias frerei
Current Age
4 years
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate