Advert Description

Two for £40 great little friendly rodents, need glass or mesh cage (not barred as they will escape)
Eat on small rodent mix (such as hamster food) mixed with a special blue tit/robin mix, dried mealworms and fresh and dried fruit. Also supplemented on bird egg food and various livefood (preferably wax worms and meal worms)
Plus occasionally maple syrup added to their water bottle.
Room temperature adequate but if the room can get chilly easy a small lamp over the top of the cage for daylight would be needed (I use a lamp anyway for a 24 hour day cycle)
Unable to sex for the first few months but can be handable especially being young.
Would like to see at least a basic setup before they leave.
Grimsby area.

currently I have a waiting list but please message me.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Current Age
10 months