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Selling due to no fault of there own, due to circumstances out of my control they need new homes.
CB15 BCI, bought as male. Eats every 2 weeks, does everything fine, £40 on his own or £150 with vivarium set up.

CB14 Royal Python, he has got double het pied/albino however I've lost the paper work so selling him at normal price, would also like for him to go to a home where he can live in a Viv, due to the circumstances he was moved in to a rub, he can be a picky eater, £30 with rub set up.

CB09 Anery cornsnake, does everything fine and eats super well, can be a little grumpy around feeding time, again would like him to possible go to a home where he can live in a Viv, £10 with rub (no heat mat)

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Current Age
12 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate