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A wide variety of different colours shapes and sizes of fish, you would receive a fine mix of adult breeding guppy and endlers and their fry plus some cross breeds, easy to keep fish and great for a child's tank as they learn where food comes from and will nibble it from your fingers, inquisitive fun fish like rocks and plants to hide in and for breeding. These are live bearing fish so give birth to tiny babies, the females have a mark near their tail called a gravel spot so you can choose to keep females separate from the more flamboyant males.
I have a few fish carrying bags or bring your own bucket and lid, these guys love to jump about, will eat almost anything that passes their mouthes algae wafers soft cucumber pellets floating fish food and have learned to use the floating fish food cones available now, which also stick to side of tank, means you feed them less as its a feed station for all it wastes less food, I add an assortment of food to it for varied diet.

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