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Summer (white female) and Tiger (black male) came to our house when they were 2months old. They are brother and sister and play well together.
They were both neutered when they were 4 months old.

They were litter trained and stayed indoors for two and half years. About four months ago they started to explore outside world.

They are microchipped and happy to use cat flap.

They have been wormed and defleaed and also had their annual vaccination a couple of months ago. We have all of the records.

They have no illness so far.

They are baby&children friendly.

We had a newborn 8 months ago and can't give them the love they had from us before so we would like to offer them to a new loving home which they deserve. Ideally to have both of them but can also have one of them.

We can provide two cat bed, two litter trays, some left over cat food, cat scratching post etc for free.

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Private Advert
Mixed Litter
Current Age
3 years
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