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CherryAqua-iNANO, innovative next generation aquarium light, provides the correct intensity of light and the right spectral output needed to maintain a reef aquarium and plant tank/ fish-only tank. It is designed for both M arine NANO & freshwater NANO tank ( planted tanks, tropical aquariums, reefs, corals, Cichlid, Discuss, invertebrates, and small fish too) . Each LED is covered with the specially designed reflector to maximize the light penetration and to give a shimmer effect, which mimics the natural environment. LED's life is approximately 50,000 hours. It has the 3-touch button switch, which produces daytime to lunar phases for night time. It also has the dimming features on White and Blue light, which enables a user to create any intensity and color temperature settings, starting from 6,000K to 25,000K as you wish, including moon light.

CherryAqua-iNANO is developed not only to give the perfect light for nano tanks, but also to take advantage of the advanced eco-friendly LED technology where the essential lights with the right wavelengths needed for plants/fish help create the most natural underwater environment, like their natural habitats so that it gets optimized for the living creatures in the aquarium for photosynthesis, growing, spawning, and reproduction.

This Cree LED Light cost £150 new. only used for a few months.

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