Advert Description

I currently have several corn snakes in need of a good home, the reason for re-homing is due to time and space constraints. I feel I am not able to provide adequate time for individual handling nor enough space to adaquately house these growing snakes. I will also be moving house soon and will have limited space for enclosures.
These snakes hatched October 2013 and are approximately 3 foot in length, I have 4 corns to re-home (3 males - Amel and Normal, 1 Amel female). One of the males (an Amel) I am re-homing for free due to a small spinal defect, despite this he is healthy (and very greedy).
I only ask for £5 for each snake and that you make yourself fully familiar with their requirements; I have written out a care sheet which should be accessible from my profile.
Basic requirements;
- Minimum 3ft long vivarium (although 4ft+ preferred)
- Heat Mat
- Thermostat
- Digital Thermometer
- Aspen Bedding
- Hides (Minimum of 2 although more preferred)
- Water Dish
-(optional - heat lamp)

The enclosure should be left running 24 hours before getting the snake to make sure all heating and monitoring equipment is functioning properly at the correct temperature.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Corn Snake
Current Age
3 years
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate