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Honest advert :) 15'3 12yo  gelding thoroughbred for sale.
Wacky is a loving character and is suited for a experienced and confident rider, so please NO novices! I have owned wacky around 7-8 months now and unfortunately he is just not the right horse for me. I have worked very hard with him over these months and he has come on so so much, however he is just not my type of horse and my confidence has dropped- hence why he is for sale.
On the ground wacky is easy to handle. He can be bolshy sometimes if he is hungry and can see food however pulling him back and telling him off will stop this. Wacky ties up and will stand around being groomed/change rugs etc nicely. He is currently stabled at night and out in the day and does like a routine.  He is easy to catch, has never ran away from me and will reply to his name with a lovely neigh! Boxed very nicely.
Riding- wacky has 3 lovely paces however he can be very lazy when being ridden so ideally will need a very confident rider to tell him who is boss and make him work well and hard. Wacky Has jumped in his previous home very well and I've been jumping him small courses at home around 75-80cms. I have also worked on his flat work and we competed in one walk/trot dressage show at the end of summer where he gained a good score. I have not competed wacky in showjumping when having him however his previous home competed him in showjumping and he did very well! I also know that he has done cross country also. I haven't hacked him however I know he has hacked well in previous home.
Wacky does have a crack in his hoof (picture can be sent) however my farrier has worked extremely hard on fixing this and it is now hardly even noticeable- this does NOT affect him ridden or anything one bit.
Wacky also has what I can only describe as mild head shaking when he becomes bored and there is no food around. For example when standing around doing nothing. This doesn't happen all the time it is only when he is in a mood and can only think about doing it. It has not been diagnosed however this is an honest advert and so this has to be mentioned. We just ignore him and in the end he becomes bored of doing it and stops.
Wacky has had his back, teeth done recently and also feet done.
Such a sad sale however I am just not the right rider for wacky, he has learnt that he can get away with anything with me (can go into detail if needs be). Hence why he really needs someone who will teach him a lesson and make him know who's in charge! I know with this he will go far and do very well in the ring. All I want is a lovely home for this boy, he will be greatly missed by us and it is a horrible decision for me to make.
Wacky can come with a brand new made to fit saddle for extra and anything else if needs be for extra.
Can provide more videos and pictures on request.
£1000 ONO

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Private Advert
15.3 hh
Current Age
12 years