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Our one year old male Yemen chameleon- Fred seeks a new home

He is in very good condition and displays beautiful colours, he has been extensively handled from young and is very comfortable with being handled regularly. This is a rareity amongst chameleons, as his temprament is wonderful. He eats with relish and excretes and sheds as normal.

He is in a 4x2 foot fully mesh screened vivarium which was new 6 months ago, containing an assortment of live and fake plants, wood and vines. He has a UVA, UVB and daylight lamp plus basking lamp again all bought within the last 6 months. The sale will include everything you need to keep him happy and healthy and has a new RRP of £450.

It is a very reluctant sale but with a baby learning to walk his cage is too attractive a proposition for pulling up on.

Happy to provide care information to his new owners

Please get in contact for any other information

Additional Information

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Private Advert
Current Age
12 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate