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Hello here we have 2 fantastic litters of pugs
First off you will have to go a very long way to find better pugs Iv been all over the country to better my dogs and there is not a mating I would do if I thought it was just for the average pug everything I do is to better my lines.
Right here we have two fantastic litters one from by black girl (eastonite) bloodline captain jack daughter 10 champions in her 5 generation pedigree & One from my fawn girl (zhemchuzhina) top champion show lines with 37 champions in her 5 generation pedigree. Both are short clobby type with flat face double twist tails correct ears eyes jaw and tongue.
The sire to both litters is a top team rollingrocks boy he is nice short clobby with a double twist tail correct ears jaw and flat faced, Top team is one of if not the best bloodlines in the world! He carries 42 champions in his 5generation pedigree alone.
Kenquartz tusk X Rockingrocks karthago = A combined 52 champions, the puppies from this litter will carry 25 champions in there 5 generation pedigree. There Coefficient calculation is 0.4% which is very low with the breed average been 5.2%. I have 6 boys and 1 girl available from this litter. They are ready to leave on the 19/12/2016.
They are going to be very special.
Second litter.
Cikra Saltinio versme X Rollingrocks karthago = A combined 79 champions, the puppies from this litter will carry 38 champions in there 5 generation pedigree. There Coefficient calculation is 0.8% which is very low with the breed average been 5.2%. I have 2 boys & 2 girls available from this litter if I don't decide told hold some back myself. They are ready to leave on the 24/12/2016
These will make excellent stud dogs in the near future..
Both parents are true to type short clobby correct ears double twist tails flat faced correct jaw and eyes, proper pugs not the usual type that is flooding the market from bad breeding. You no a good dog when you see one. I'v added pictures of copies of sire & dams 5 generation pedigree for you to see and one of puppies from both litters.
All my dogs are apart of the family and are treated like kids not dogs they have there own house out the back that has cost me a lot of money so everything is perfect, it's built of double skin brickwork fully insulated upvc doors double glazed windows electric throughout air conditioning log burning stove alarm cctv in every kennel & run motion detectors security lighting security grills and bars radio 55" tv tiled throughout with drainage for hygiene reasons easy to clean daily. my whelping boxes are the best money can buy and come as a sealed unit with lid underfloor heating & heat lamp controlled with a thermostat to keep the temperature spot on, humidity fogger controlled by a humidity controller to keep the whelping box at the correct humidity level no dehydrated puppies or dry air, air vents and fans so there's no stale air, oxygen generator which pumps clean air to the puppies, there is cctv in my whelping boxes as well that can be viewed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. I offer this to any buyers that have left me a deposit for a puppy from an early age. Instead of me sending them pictures and videos (which I don't mind if you asked) they can just log into my cctv and view there chosen puppy with its mum and siblings when ever they like. When they move out of there whelping box I also have cctv which you can view in real time to check how he or she is getting on until they are ready to leave mum for there forever home at 8 weeks old.
Puppy's are fed every 2 hours around the clock for the first 10 days, every 3 hours until they are 17 days old, after this I let them go every 4 hours until 21 days old, every 5 hours after until they reach 42 days old, where I cut there 4am feed out by 49 days old I cut there 12pm feed out also ready for there new homes at 56 days old which they will be eating at 7am 1pm 7pm which gives them time to go to the toilet before bed.
All my dogs are feed on Orijen and Orijen puppy best dry food on the market & pet ag milk replacer for weaning process which I start about day 23. All puppies will be eating solid food ready for there new homes at 8 weeks old, they also start there puppy pad training from an early age so they shouldn't have to many accidents once they are used to there new homes.
All my puppies are wormed with drontel puppy at 2 5 8 weeks old and will have there nails cut and flea treated as a precaution after having a nice bath before leaving my property.
Please note If it's a cheap pug that you are looking for my dogs are not for you sorry, I'm sure you will find what you are looking on here because this site is full of badly bred pugs thats 2 foot tall skinny as a rake with big ears and tongues to big for there mouth.
Mine are top quality and everything a pug should be that have everything they could ever wish for, A lot of time effort and money goes into them to give them the best possible start in life.
I will start taking viewings when the puppies are 4 weeks old, 21-11-2016 first litter & 26-11-2016 second litter. i take a £300 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your chosen puppy which you will be provided with a full receipt and the remaining balance on day of collection.
Boys are £1300
Girls are £1400
Puppies will come with the following:
Vet checked with proof
First vaccination and card
Micro chipped
Kennel club paper work
5 generation pedigree
Bag of food
Life time help and support 24 hours a day.
Genuine calls & emails only please no time wasters no texts or withheld numbers Please, check with your partners first and have the funds in place. 5* forever homes only Call or email thank you.

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