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Miller: Irish Sport Horse. 15.2hh 9 years Skewbald Coloured Gelding.

As a 5/6 year old Miller has predominantly hunted. Since coming to us, he has been schooled, jumped and become more of a general riding horse, where now we think he is at his best.

Miller has never hunted or seen the hounds with us so we can’t comment on how he was, but we are told he has done a lot of Hunting in his early education time. He is a superb quality stamp of a horse who has the kindest of natures and a want to please, we have owned Miller many months now and we are glad we’ve been able to do this and now he is ready to find his new home with the next person to bring him on further as he does need more work to be the ‘finished article’.

We purchased Miller through from a lady who hadn't owned him for too long, she felt he was too much for her, but when he came to us we found he had a slightly sore back (We can provide all the records) due to a badly fitting saddle at some point and was in need of Physio, he has had all his treatments now and has always been worked through his treatment, in his new home, he needs an experienced owner and a good quality fitted saddle, so the same doesn’t happen again, from time to time, and it is very rare, Miller will shuffle from time to time when ridden, doesn’t do anything but he needs an experienced rider who isn’t going to be hard and upset him.
He is not for a novice rider or an inexperienced one and I’m sorry but we won’t be allowing any nervous /novice riders to try him, we value him too much.
We would value Miller at much more when he is fully produced but we are offering him much cheaper because the home is so very important to us at this stage, Miller needs an experienced rider to bring him on further, doesn’t need to be the worlds best rider just someone who can ride balanced and isn’t a nervous rider; we feel very much he is still a bit of a project horse and needs more time than we can give him, but we will if we don’t sell him – we are testing the waters for this special horse. The girls who ride him here, love him; but they can ride, are well balanced and trust him, all we seem to get is beginner or novice riders and this is not what this horse needs – hence the price he is offered at.
When we say Miller needs more work – you will be able to see what we mean from the Video below of him schooling, although his paces are beautiful and he is balanced and established he could go into any discipline and do it well, we feel he is your typical ‘irish horse’ and needs a gentle owners, who are going to be kind and patient as he is a real softy and he is such a kind person and really has a heart of gold.
Miller is snaffle mouthed at all phases with us. Good to shoe, box, catch, etc and he is a lovely person day to day to deal with, he gets on with mares and geldings and is used to be turned out in a mixed herd, he is currently stabled in and he is fine with limited turnout. There are some videos of him below being very cute!
Millers absolute love is jumping – so would be fantastic to find him a new home where he will be enjoyed and can do some jumping, he is very bold and doesn’t look or stop at anything – he’s so much fun.
Obviously the more we do with him and the longer we have him, his advert will alter, he just needs a little more work at the moment – lots of videos to follow of Miller too.

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15.2 hh
Current Age
9 years
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