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Welcome to our stunning 2 litters of beautiful bundles of joy
We have Blues, Blacks, Brindles, Blue D/h Pieds, Blue D/h blanket pied & 1 Black double hooded pied
They will be available to go to new forever loving homes
either at 8 weeks on the 16th December with 1st vaccination and microchip,
or at 9 weeks with both vaccinations on the 23rd December ( First vaccination will be given at 7 weeks)
I would prefer them to have both vaccinations for my own peace of mind but will allow them to leave at 8 weeks if suitable. Delivery can be arranged if needed after viewing – We will be more than happy keep until after the Holiday/New Year period. Please remember a puppy is for life and a part of your family
Delivery can be arranged
Eleven precious babies from 2 sisters who each went into labour at the same time and had their litters on the same day - Friday afternoon 21st October.
Coco was mated to Bauer He is Blue with some brindle and carries the AT gene, He is the son of the infamous Blue and tan Randy, Randy is also the father to the 'Boss' again just as infamous as his father.
Paris was mated to Diego who is the son of Lilac Buddah, and the daughter of a stunning quality
chocolate girl from Portsmouth -
Buddah also needs no introduction as he too is equally as famous -
All Diego's babies will 100% carry the chocolate gene too as Diego is a visual chocolate. (We own both sires)
Anybody who knows about Frenchies will know just how good these bloodlines are, some of which
Bauer = Hashyway Randy, Szureti’s, Justeph’s Gery Bulls,
Skywalker at Glenlee’s, Du Champagne’s, Von Glandorf’s, Iz Russkoi Skazki’s
Poets Corner etc etc
Diego = Balto Lamorea, Gery Bull’s, Gold Sierra’s,
Fasormenti Bully’s,
Von Der Monarchia’s , Von Bad Bull’s, Von Glandorf’s,
Skywalker at Glenlee’s ,, Iz Russkoi Skazki’s,
Curlys Treasure’s, etc etc
Coco and Paris are Black/brindle carrying blue (From their father) - With the possibility of carrying the at gene too from their mothers side. They also carry some amazing well known worldwide pedigrees lines throughout their pedigree including
Merlins Cave’s, Toranaga’s,
Du Champagne’s, Von Glandorf’s, Skywalker at Glenlee’s, Nagyerdoi’s, Gold Sierra’s, Treacle Tart’s, Poetscorner’s, Scharmant’s, Affabulls etc etc
All have brilliant pedigrees with multi & international champions throughout
Our dogs are well balanced happy healthy contented & spoilt, They are a part of our lives and have been since we had them as 8 week old little beauties,
are loving and loyal, comical and crafty, greedy and gorgeous.. We hope these babies give you as much love as ours give us each day The only time they go to the vets is for the 6 monthly health check ups boosters worming and flea drops, touch wood they have never had any health or skin problems what so ever.
Puppies will come with
A copy of both parents Pedigree, A copy of vet bills to show what has been genuinely paid out for these
puppies and mothers. A health report from the vets, KC papers, Insurance, Puppy pack which will include toys, puppy pads, blanket, puppy starter bowls & food of which I will be hoping to change them from Royal Canin to Arden Grange once they are old enough, and obviously as mentioned Microchipped and Vaccinated They are already used to being handled, kissed and hugged (constantly) this will continue until they are ready to leave us.
Each puppy will be accustomed to household noises to help them settle into there new homes
A non refundable deposit of £250 will be required to reserve your chosen boy/girl
All Coco and Bauers
babies will either be dd or Dd and possibly At
All Paris and Diegos babies will carry chocolate 100% and dd (Blue Pied)
or Dd also possible At
Single people under 25 need not apply, I am truly sorry but our world stopped the afternoon these were born, they are even more extra special than you can imagine as
heartbreakingly, my beautiful Coco died on the way back from the vets just one mile from home.
She never got to see her beautiful babies, so you see, these little bundles of love must go to permanent loving homes, We have devoted so much love, care and
time around the clock 24/7 that it feels like they are our own flesh and blood so it is a
must that they only go to a home that is permanent, loving and settled.
Prices vary from £1650 to £2750
Please can you phone between 4pm and 8pm, if interested, as we do not have time to answer text messages or emails.
We are sorry but withheld numbers will not be answered, we hope you understand why

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