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Get slim and fit for Christmas with this Vibrapower plate

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Vibrapower Disc 2 is light, slim and easy to store.
The Vibrapower Disc 2 offers an innovative and effective way to work out from home.
Rubber feet
20 speed settings
3 pre-set programs
Amplitude - 10mm
Remote control included
No assembly required
Powerful 0.75 hp motor
Sturdy - built to last
Freedom of movement to perform a wide range of exercises
Detailed instruction manual includes a workout guide
50Hz Frequency
11Hz Vibration Frequency
Dimensions: Height:15 cm. Width: 62cm. Length: 62cm.
Please note: Always consult your doctor prior to embarking on a new exercise regime. Recommended use - no more than ten minutes three times a day (See health and safety tab for more information).
Standing at 15cm with a rounded high grip base, the Vibrapower Disc 2's design allows the user the space to perform a wide range of exercises such as:
Calf raises
It can even be paired with free weights or kettle bells to create a highly effective resistance workout!
Exercising in a different way can help to make your workout more beneficial - who said that change is bad!
The benefits of vibration training
The Vibrapower platform produces an oscillating motion rather than a solely vertical vibration. The key difference between oscillation vibration and piston vibration is that with piston vibration, both legs are simultaneously moving upwards or downwards, but with oscillation vibration, one leg is moving up while the other is moving downwards and can be compared to the action of a see-saw. The platform tilts from side to side over a central fulcrum, lifting one side of your body while at the same time dropping (displacing) the other side. This pattern is switched to and fro at a frequency set on the control panel.
Using a vibration machine like the Vibrapower Disc 2 may provide benefits to your normal routine, it helps you to exercise in a different way, just stand on the oscillating plate and do your basic exercises like squats, press ups etc.
Whereas between 40 and 60% of the muscles fibres are recruited to perform free-weight or resistance machine exercising, performing similar exercises on a vibration plate like the Vibrapower Slim, almost 100% of the target muscles fibres are used. This is achieved by creating an almost constant state of reflex in the muscles, known as a tonic stretch/reflex. This means that the muscles are flexing and contracting at a very high frequency producing faster.
The Vibrapower Disc 2 platform produces an oscillating motion - much like that of a see-saw - this motion lifts one side of the body whilst lowering the other - exercising on a moving platform like this helps to not only work your core muscles but also your supporting muscles giving you a fuller body workout. 200 watts of motor power.
The Vibrapower Disc 2 is easy to move and store making it perfect for small or busy homes although coming in a variety of funky colours you might not want to hide it away!
It's often a struggle to muster the motivation to workout but with the Vibrapower Disk 2 it's easy to get friends and family involved. Set challenges such as: Who can hold the plank for the longest? Who can do the most push ups in a minute?
To avoid the risk of marking the floor or carpet we recommend that you place your Vibrapower 2 on an old cloth or training mat before use.
Includes 2 resistance bands which allow for other resistance exercises such as:
Bent over row
Bicep curls
Overhead shoulder press

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