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The Fresh Royal Jelly is an outstanding apiarian product, being one of the most important types of food from the hive. Fresh royal jelly is the only food that the queen of the hive feeds itself throughout its life. It is secreted by worker bees and intended only for the queen to ensure it a long life and outstanding reproductive qualities.

The extraordinary properties of the royal jelly make the queens live up to five years (compared to 40 days as a worker bee lives) and have special reproductive qualities because a queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day.

These properties have determined us to introduce living food in our diets, in order to benefit of an exceptional pure product.

fresh royal jelly is a living food

This concept is based on the idea of food in its fresh state, natural and untainted as the hive offers it to us. The royal jelly is harvested and packed for you, without undergoing any transformation process!

we guarantees you the products delivery to your home in optimal conditions

It does not contain traces of pesticides, antibiotics, wax, mold spores and other impurities!

For healthy people, the maintenance dose is 1 g a day for adults and 0.5 gr a day for children.

In situations of physical and mental exhaustion, the dose may be increased to 2-3 g a day or more.

The specific therapeutic doses are determined only by physicians / doctors with competences in Apiphytotherapy.

Fresh royal jelly is contraindicated to people who have allergies or hypersensitivity to apiarian products, to pregnant women and lactating mothers.

People suffering from asthma, intolerance to royal jelly,

2-6 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator

Warning:First test the possible side effects, using small amounts of royal jelly and take breaks after the cures, for 1-2 months, depending on the individual specific condition.

Royal Jelly Dripping from a Spoon

Fresh Royal Jelly is measured in quality and potency, all over the world, by the 10-HDA content. It is an essential fatty acid with antibacterial/antimicrobial properties and is unique to Royal jelly in nature. As our 10-HDA content is the highest available in Europe (and possibly the highest in the world), this means our Royal Jelly is better in quality and will work faster and more effectively than any other brand.
??So improve your day with our super fresh Royal Jelly by Well Bee-ing UK LTD. Our Royal Jelly truly is in a league of its own for potency and quality. Just take 1/4 tsp per day and feel better in 7 days. Fresh Royal jelly contains literally hundreds of nutritional compounds (you won't find this nutritional complexity in any man made multivitamin) and is packed with 10-HDA, Vitamin B Complex (with one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin B5 that occurs in nature), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Proteins, Essential Amino Acids, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Lipids, Enzymes, Neurotransmitters, DNA, RNA, biotin, inositol, folic acid and much, much more. This complex concentrated nutrition is responsible for the powerful anti aging properties that makes the queen bee live more than 30 times longer than other bees in the hive.

Freeze Dried Royal Jelly, known as lyophilised? Royal Jelly, is a nutritionally damaging process which chemically removes all the water content. It is used extensively in Royal Jelly capsules and beauty treatment like creams and moisturisers. But our Pure Fresh Royal Jelly (the way nature made it) is much more nutritious and has a much more dramatic and profound effect when eaten as a food supplement as it gets to work deep within, so making improvements from the inside out!??

As well as many of our customers using it for a variety of conditions, our Royal Jelly is highly beneficial to healthy people for those that need that bit extra to make their busy lives easier. It is also suitable for diabetics due to the very low sucrose content

price is 30 for 50 gram postage included.

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