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Buddie is a really good stamp of a horse who we are exceptionally proud of as he is one of our homebred babies here at Aquila HQ.

On a day to day basis – Buddie is really easy to deal with – he is happy to love in or out and when he is out he has always lives out with a mixed herd and is no bother whatsoever he is very friendly and has always gets on with other horses, he is currently grazing in a 30 acre field and he comes to call. Buddie is good for the farrier, good to clip, box etc, during the winter months Buddie is happy to live in on limited turnout.

Buddie is fantastic to hack out and goes out regularly on his own and in company and is great in open spaces, he goes around a busy council estate and often passes the local quarry vehicles, he is hacking out on his own too and is a pleasure to ride out, obviously theres always going to be things horses haven’t seen before but he always handles himself well and in a sensible manner.

Buddie was professionally broken in and has three very lovely paces and moves beautifully, he has an exceptionally light mouth and gives you an amazing feeling when you ride him. He has been slowly produced as we don’t rush any of our horses, so he really has had the best start to life and is totally unspoilt horse who we are excited for his future.

Buddie has recently been out on Hound Exercise and he was very well mannered and took the whole day in his stride, bobbing on and off the lorry in tack, stood at the meet and did everything on the field he needed to do, he was fine in and amongst the pack and was good even when the hounds ran under his belly – See the video if you follow the video links! He was exceptionally well mannered – even when there was a lot of standing about.

He has a fantastic nature and attitude and loves to be around people, he is exceptionally kind natured and always wants to please.

Good home an absolute must, up to date with Teeth, Physio and is fully upto date with his vaccinations.

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7 years
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