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I'm reluctantly having to sell one of my tortoises due to him/her being too dominant towards my other tortoises. (I'll refer to her as a female as I named her Lola). She has had the best upbringing and has been fed solely on fresh weeds/flowers/plants. She has had all her mineral supplements and has been housed with the best quality
uva/uvb lighting. Through the warmer months she has been in her outdoor enclosure therefore received lots of natural sunlight. She is extremely active, has an excellent appetite and is completely tame and socialised with people. I care very much for my animals and will only sell to someone who can meet all her care requirements. Beginners are welcome provided they have the right commitment for her care needs. I have a 3ft square cage that has clear Perspex fitted over the sides making it suitable for a tortoise. She can't be placed in a vivarium, it must be an open aired enclosure. The buyer will need to purchase suitable lighting/heat which i can advise on which will cost a minimum of £50.
I'm an experienced keeper and will gladly provide ongoing support needed for correct care. Keeping a tortoise requires the need to either grow food or forage for food. Initially there will be lots to learn about plant identification and safe feeding. A secure outdoor area is also a must as natural sunlight is essential for the health of a tortoise. Please bear in mind that a well cared for tortoise is likely to outlive you and therefore is a life long pet.
If you decide to buy elswhere please be aware of wild caught tortoises and tortoises with bumpy shells as this is a sure sign of incorrect tortoise husbandry.
Pls message me regarding any questions you may have.

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Private Advert
Current Age
19 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate