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14hh skewbald cob gelding that is 12 years old. I bought him straight from a field where he had been for the last four years. He had previously been ridden. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I have to sell him.
He was a very hairy little man when I got him with uneven mane etc so I clipped him out completely so I could start again but he actually looks stunning all hogged and clipped.
He came straight out of his field, leaving his herd mates and loaded onto my lorry without even a sound and settled really well in his stable. He loves to come in at night now to his bed and feed.
After he had settled, we tacked him up and thought we would see how much he remembered and he hacked out, in front, no spooking, no silliness, saw cars and a motorbike and we were amazed at him.
He does have some mounting block issues in that he wont stand still but I am working on this everyday with him whereby I make him stand by it whilst I climb on the block and it is working but does need more work.
He goes and stops and this is where his schooling ends although his ground manners are lovely. He picks up his feet (barefoot), lets me groom him, was good for the farrier once he realised it wasnt going to hurt him. Is great with his field companion and is quite independent in the field and grazes by himself. He is brilliant to catch, I can rug him whilst he eats his breakfast no issue. He has never gone to kick or bite and is generally an all round lovely little man and I will miss him but for his future he needs to be in a home that can continue his education. Had his teeth done last week. I feel he would be an excellent little hunt pony or PC with the work.
I dont want someone to come along and think he is a ready made pony, he is not, he needs educating but underneath he is a real sweetie. He is learning to tie up with a hay net and is happy to stand now for 20 mins. His secret is that once he realises its ok he is fine. He is kept near to Liskeard.

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14 hh
Current Age
12 years