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I have a male fawn pug and called him Ted. He is fully trained going toilet outdoors, sits on command and sleeps right throughout the night. I have spent alot of time loving and training Ted he is perfect family dog. He is almost 8 months old and is such a good loving little dog. I feel I can't give him the love and full attention he needs due to work commitments. He is such a lovely affectionate Pug who is healthy and up to date with all vaccinations, worming, microchip etc.. he loves to be outdoors going for walks and loves playing with other dogs - He's very sociable. He has been around my 2 children and loves to play with them.
This is a very reluctant sale and I need to be sure Ted will go to a loving home where he has the attention he deserves. He is completely toilet trained going outside only and never has an accident inside.
He comes with a bed, blankets, toys and food. He is eating dry food 3 times a day. He is perfect and healthy. When i bought Ted they did not give me any papers and I wasn't too concerned as i had no intention of breeding him he was just always going to be a pet for our family. He is 100% pug I saw both his parents when collected him who where healthy also. this is a very reluctant sale I just want him to go to a loving home to someone who can give him more time that we can. he is perfect little dog. He is great with other dogs and has played with many different types of dogs being socialised around them. We paid £1000.00 for Ted and spent so much time and energy making him the perfect family pet. he has not yet been neutered. Thanks for reading and please only contact me if you have the time to care for Ted he must go to a family home where he will be cared for we will miss him so much but because I work full time we cannot give him the full love and attention he needs.

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