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I am ideally looking to re-home my two chihuahuas together.
My small boy is 4. He's 5 generation pedigree, & has papers and is 4 years old he has the traditional face. He has very weak back legs and likes to be carried. We have discussed his legs with the vet and he apparently has no defect, and they don't worry him in any way. He still likes to run around the garden and play, but won't go on a long walk! He's very much a lap dog.
My girl is 3 generation pedigree no papers. She is 3 years old. She has been microchipped, she is larger with the deer shaped face. She loves walks, loves to sit on your lap. She's a little bit nervous around other animals and people. Neither of them are aggressive to animals or people. They're very social, dogs hence why my sad sale.
Unfortunately, our lives are very busy and I now work a lot of hours and am out of the house, we're also away one week in every 4. I bought the second dog as company for the first but they need social interaction with people.
They're becoming increasingly more upset as time is going on leaving me little presents!
I've taken advice and it is because they're sad about being left for long periods.
The ideal person is someone who is around during the day, that can give my dogs time, to be able to take them for walks. They're fine with my three children, but my boy isn't very good with little toddlers or very young children. He's very scared of them.
I would like offers over £500 as I would like them to go to a stable home with someone who is serious about caring for them for life. They were over £1250 for them both so I'm not asking anywhere near that figure.

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