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Rare Gorgeous Hand Reared And Super Tame Baby Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot For Sale. He is Hand Reared from as young as 14 days old and now at 5 months old He is fully tame as He is great with every one, and will go to any one in the family, including little kids. Lilac Crowned Amazons are considered as an extremely endangered species and it’s a great opportunity to own this rare species of parrot as there aren’t many of them left in the wild. This species of Amazon is a bit smaller than the average size but it has 3 times more character and energy than the bigger species of Amazon parrots. This Baby boy is a very ideal bird for any family who would like to train him to talk, as He is very young and says, hello, wolf whistles and he is very vocal. He is Highly intelligent and he is well looked after as He has a super feather condition and He is in a great health. Due to being an endangered species He’s comes with DNA papers and he is Sexed and conformed to be a Male and He’s also Registered to the full Cites Paper Work. He loves playing with his toys, and He will also take treats from you such as Monkey nuts, apple and also has a big interest in human foods as He loves Rice, Chips and Scrambled egg. Every morning He enjoys coming out side in the garden, and also loves going to the park on my shoulder and will follow me everywhere if i placed him on the floor. He spends most of his day playing with his toys and He is a Star of Attention. All photos are taken in my Garden with a High Performance, High Definition Camera. I would much appreciate if other Advertisers please don't Copy my Photos. He is very socialised and has never attacked or bitten any one, which makes him a great pet and He’s also brought up with young children. You can buy him for £790. He comes with a travel box,DNA Sex Certificate, Full Cites Paper work and Bucktons Number 1 Parrot food. Buyers are welcome to visit the Bird at any time, so please feel free to message me or the best option is to contact me on the phone Thanks

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Business Advert
Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot
CITES Article 10
Yes - Specimen Specific Certificate
Current Age
5 months