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Here i have a pair of Sudan Plated Lizards male and female they are proven breeders (had a clutch this year).
they do NOT come with setup so you must show me proof you have the right setup which includes a 4x2x2ft vivarium along with a dimming thermostat, ceramic heat lamp connector, heat bulb,heat guards. UVB, organic Soil, Hides, Fresh Clean Water Daily.

Hotspot: 35-40c (I personally keep them at 40c since they love there heat) i achieve this with a high range habistat thermostat as the "high range" reach greater temperatures such as the plated lizards.

Cool End; 27-29c (this is achieved depending on probe placement i.e closer to the heat the cooler the cold end will be)

Night Temps: can drop 20c (i personally switch everything off as out house is warm due to the insulated walls hence why i can turn everything off without problem although if the buyers house is generally cold i would recommend a ceramic plugged into a pulse at 20c for night time temps)

Humidity: 50-60%

Food: for the pair of these guys i feed about 20 crickets every feeding session which every other day,they also eat other live food such as Dubai roaches all live food must be dusted with a good quality product. they can even eat smaller mice i.e pinkies and 2-3 size up from a pinkie.

please these are fairly rare so must be looked after well there is very little info out there and if there is any decent care sheets on the internet they tend to be outdated.

i will not take offers ect or be messed around so if your actually interested then message me so do not be messaging me if its a spare of the moment thing because you dont have nothing else to spend your money on

£50 for the pair (NO OFFERS)

Collection Only

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Private Advert
Sudan Plated Lizards
Current Age
4 years
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate