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The Unconventional Menagerie Fish List 12/10/2017

This advert is located in and around Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire

Advert Description

Neon Tetra (sm)
Comet black
Assorted Molly
Assorted Swordtails
Assorted Female Guppy
 Assorted Platy
Bumble Bee Goby
Plecostomus common
 Parrot Cichlid (5cm)
Snakeskin Discus
 Lyretail Male Guppy
Weather Loach
Pink  and brown Axolotl
Assassin Snail (1cm)
Gold Dust Molly
Marble Molly
Assorted Male Fighters
Golden Fat Head Minnow
Red Dace
Jeweled cichlid
Algae shrimp
Blue Dwarf Gouramis
Red Dwarf Gourami
Giant Gourami
Green Tiger Barb
Spotted Puffer
Leopard Danio
Pearl / Lace Gourami
Black Shark (4-5cm)
Glass Bloodfin
Flame Tetra
White Fantail (3-4cm)
Red Cap Oranda
Coloured Ghost Koi (2-3")
White Cloud Mountain Minnow
Koi Angelfish (3-4cm)
Checkered Barb
Blue Gourami
Threadfin Rainbow (m)
 Diamond Shark (7-8cm)
Congo Tetra
Comet Goldfish (1 5-2")
Sarassa Comets (2-3")
Assorted Bubble Eye (5-6cm)
Assorted Celestail Eye (5-6cm)
Assorted Butterfly Tail Moor (5-6cm)
Calico Fantail (5-6cm)
MIX OF huge goldfish
Red Fantail (3-4cm)
Black Moor (3-4cm)
Calico Moor (4-5cm) £1 99   : 2
Assorted Lionhead Ranchu (3-4cm)
Red & White Oranda (4-5cm)
Silver Bream (3-4")
Gold Grass Carp (3-4")
Mirror Carp (2-3")
Albino pacu

Additional Information

Advert Type
Business Advert
Current Age
12 months