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Born 28th November 2016. 4 males and 1 female available. Deposit secures.
These puppies are from good pedigree stock. Their parents were imported
from Romania two years ago and are from working lines that go back some
You can view their parents’ pedigrees here:
You can view photos of the parents here:
They are both very efficient working livestock guardian dogs, and are the
only working Carpatins in the UK.
In the hills of Romania, these dogs guard sheep, cattle, poultry and even
beehives from foxes, wolves, bears and aerial predators. They live out with
their stock full-time. These are NOT herding dogs, they are Livestock
Guardian Dogs.
The difference between a LGD and a herding dog:
You can view videos of Carpatins in Romaina here:
If you aren't familiar with these dogs, watch 'Oddball and the penguins'
the movie. I also recommend the following books:
Our dogs work with our poultry and alpacas. We have a very strong, healthy
population of local badgers and foxes, but had no losses since the dogs
have been working full time. Our male, ‘Kailas’ is also fantastic at
keeping crows away. We haven’t lost a duckling since showing him that we
don’t like crows.
The beauty of using LGDs to protect your livestock is that the predators
learn to avoid your property and pass that information on to their
offspring, as it is a dangerous place for them. Thus, you don’t need to
worry about another one taking its place like you do when you shoot them.
These dogs are incredible. They can be socialised with people, or not, if
you want a guard dog to protect from strangers. However, they will always
differ to you when you’re present. They are not aggressive. They are very
instinctive, so you need to be a calm leader. Their instinct to protect is
innate, bred in for thousands of years, you just need to shape it and
direct it.
They naturally ‘step’ their response to threats. Their first response is to
announce themselves by barking and they will bark a lot more when they are
younger as opposed to when they are mature. This is simply because they are
unsure, so make themselves known. Don’t get a LGD if you have close
neighbours as this is normal behaviour. You will learn to recognise the
barks for “there’s something out there. I’ll warn it off” through to “I
need backup!”.
Our two are very obedient. They don’t have the instant obedience of a
collie, but they have excellent recall and can be called off something
they’re barking at. Don’t let some people fool you, basic commands and
frequent contact are good things and easy to teach these independent
Good fencing is important. We combine hedgerows with standard livestock
fencing and a radio fence.
This litter of puppies was born in the barn, right next to some hens. They
have had freedom of the farm since they could run. They know the alpacas,
the horse and the chickens. They have been weaned naturally onto Natural
Instinct (mum is just now starting to refuse suckling).
The best period for introducing them to a new location is between the 12-16
week mark. As such, they will be ready for collection on February 20th
(their sire’s birthday). We will be available to help and advise for as
long as you need it.
The pups will be prioritised for homes with livestock and land, simply
because that is what makes these dogs happy. Working homes on farms are
preferred. That said, these dogs are equally at home in the house, and we
would not rule out any responsible homes.
We can provide more photos and videos of the pups at request.
Puppies are fully vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas and ticks,
microchipped and health-checked. They are ready to go now.
If you are interested in a puppy from this litter or a future litter,
please complete the following application form and we will call you back.

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