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Bird and parrot stock list 12/5/17

Please note only birds that say tame are birds that are handled.

Parrots and parakeets

2016 Baby hand reared mealy Amazon £799.99 or £749.99 when purchasing full cage and accessories
2017 Tame hand reared baby Galah cockatoo £995 or £895 when purchasing full cage and setup
2017 tame hand reared green ringneck £299.99 or £274.99 when purchasing full cage and accessories
2017 hand reared tame yellow fronted kakariki £149.99 or £124.99 when purchasing full cage setup
2017 hand reared cockatiel £149.99 or £124.99 when purchasing fullcage setup
Jendaya conure £175
2016 female eclectus £749.99 or £699.99 when purchasing full cage and setup
2017 Hand tame budgies £39.99 lovely colours
2017 hand reared conures due in soon
2017 green Indian ringnecks £69.99 each
Conures; green cheek-£69.99
Yellow sided-£74.99
cinnamon blue-£84.99
Golden mantle rosellas -£75
More rosellas due soon
Red rump parakeets; normals- £30
Red rump lutino -£35
Turquoise parakeets -£39.99 each
Elegant parakeets £79.99 pair
Lineolated parakeets blue- £40
Lineolated parakeet green-£35
Kakariki's- £44.99 various colours
Kakarikis pied £55
Bourkes- £35
Lutino bourkes £59.99 each
peach face lovebirds -£59.99 a pair
Nyassa lovebirds £59.99 pair
Budgies £20 each. Various colours
Parrotlets; green £39.99,
Parrotlet blue £59.99
Parrotlet American white £65
Parrotlet American yellow £65
Blue pied parrotlet £65
Green rumped parrotlets £85 pair
Cockatiels; normals, pied, white faced, pearls, £34-99-£49.99 only 2 left

Other birds

Zebra finch -£7
Bengalese finch -£7
Canaries -£15-20 each limited
Canaries red/oranges £25 each
St Helena Waxbills £20 each
Nutmeg finches £20 each
Hecks grass finches £20 each
Diamond doves £30 pair
Java sparrows £30 pair
Yellow bishops £20 each
Firetails £55 pair
Cherry finches £25 each males
Star finches £50 pair
Star finches pied £60 pair
Owl finches £50 pair

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