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I have been searching for pure Nigerian Dwarf goats for over 5 years in the UK. Thanks to the PGS, the standard little goats have, on the most part, become the African Pygmy, the stocky little chappie that was bred for meat.
Nigerian Dwarfs were bred for milking and is altogether more stream-lined and dainty, with characteristic swan like necks.
I looked at importing them but it would work out at over £1k each, with a huge amount of paperwork, quarantines etc.
So, where to find pure bred NDs in the UK? It would have to come from a herd that has been kept separate from any AP cross breeding.
Was it an impossible dream?
The amount of times my husband has said that they are mythical creatures and to give up my searching...
Well, at last I have found The herd that I've been looking for!!!
A herd that was imported by a wealthy family decades ago and kept separate on their estate. I still have to pinch myself when I look in my garden and see these graceful creatures, AT LAST !
I have named this this herd The PHOENIX HERD.
My dream is to start a group who are as passionate as I am about repopulating the UK with these precious mini dairy goats, and to never let them go on the verge of extinction again.
Prices start at £400 for the doelings
£500 for the adult females
£450 for the adult billies
£600 for the nannies in kid.
There are 6 breeding programs around the UK now, from this herd.
Please feel free to come and visit
the ones I have here. They have just been going in with the billies so in spring, the kids should arrive. I'm starting a waiting list for those who are interested.

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Nigerian dwarf
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