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Hi, I have for sale an adult female melanoid axolotl around 2 years old which I raised from an egg.
Axolotls can live up to 15 years and grow up to 30cm so please do your research before committing to one of these guys.
They are pretty hardy animals and very easy to care for. I currently have mine on a diet of earthworms and bloodworms which are easily obtainable from most pet stores and fishing stores.
You can also feed them raw beef, white worms, daphnia and axolotl pellets. Some good sites to visit for information are the caudata forum and axolotl dot org.
I also have a 2ft clearseal tank that can come with it for an additional £45 which comes with live plants and whatever axolotl food I have left at the time (bloodworms and an almost full container of axolotl pellets).
Thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to pm me.

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Ambystoma mexicanum
Current Age
2 years