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Hi, I am in the unfortunate position where I am having to sell my entire collection:
Banana Pied -
Crystal Male - 850g - SOLD
Banana Fire Cinnamon Pinstripe - SOLD
Banana Mojave - 120g - £250
Banana Pastave - 140g - SOLD
Super Pastel Orange Dream - 450g - £200
Banana 100% Het Genetic Stripe - 1000g - £650
Banana - 500g - £450
Banana Pinstripe - 600g - £650
Banana Cinnamon - SOLD
Super Mojave BEL - SOLD
Super Mojave BEL - SOLD
GHI - 370g - £250
Pied Female - aprox 1000g - SOLD
Pied Female - SOLD
Special Female - 400g - £150
Leopard Black Pastel - SOLD
Mojave Cinnamon - 600g - £150
Mojave Cinnamon Pastel - 800g
Mojave Sugar - 520g - £225
Super Pastel - 120g - £100
Het Pied proven - SOLD
They are all fine specimens and you are free to come and have a look. I MAY be going to Donny so I could maybe meet peeps there. They are all healthy and doing everything they should. All except the Mojave sugar are feeding weekly and would take more. Any further questions then please ask. Pictures can be provided on here, via E-Mail, Whats App or iMessage. Please ask about Delivery as this may be possible.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Royal Python
Current Age
17 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate