Advert Description

Rankin Dragon comes with complete vivarium set up.
Rankin is nearly 6 months old is eating happily off of Locusts, mealworms, wax worms and greens.
All the equipment is the same age if not newer all details can be found below of the Vivarium.
Vivarium is a clear seal maxi which measures 36"x24"x18" in oak.
The equipment inside is an Arcadia 18w 10% UVB which is running on an Arcadia 18w controller.
The basking light is a 75w fitted to a ceramic lamp holder and controlled through a Habistat Dimming thermostat.
This is a reluctant sale but due to work commitments and relocating I am unable to take the little fella with me.

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Rankin Dragon
Current Age
6 months
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate