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Two male fancy rats

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Due to circumstances, I have made the heart breaking decision to rehome my two boys :'( I'm going to be moving around a bit shortly, and it's likely that they wouldn't be able to come with me. I'm also not around a lot of the time, so they're just being neglected, which isn't fair on them both at all. It means they aren't coming out or being handled as often as I'd like. Rats are intelligent animals, and they benefit from the stimulation.

Both boys are from the same litter, and they are now 17 weeks old. Last vet visit went really well, both doing perfectly! Though I think Piero struggles mildly with respiratory problems (which is common in rats). He sneezes... some days worse than others. But recently it's been fairly okay, and I haven't noticed much of it. It helps if there are no smells in the room, like candles, air fresheners, perfume etc. So please, if you're considering my babies, please put that into consideration.

Maybe I should tell you a bit about them... So, their names are Esperanto and Piero (Ess-per-an-toe & Pee-air-oh). People often ask why I named them the names I did, as they're unusual. (And I get laughs, lol). I've always liked Spanish and unusual names... so I looked up male Spanish names of course. Esperanto is the brown and white, and Piero is the grey and white (Piero top, Esperanto bottom). I would definitely say Esperanto is more cheekier than Piero, in the way he does things he shouldn't, like climbing into my draws, repeatedly climbing on the desk when he knows he shouldn't n always gets taken off. And more. And I'd say Piero is the more cuter one. I mean, don't get me wrong, they're both cute... but you can have cuddles with Piero, whilst Esperanto just wants to be let loose.
Both boys have never bitten me, not once. Nor anybody for that matter. They occasionally nibble, but it's more of a tickle. Piero in particular likes nibbling the end of your nails! :p Overall, they really are amazing rats. They're so so good, and various people have told me so too. Now, they do smell, but it isn't strong if you clean them regularly. I tend to aim for every three days, and at least once a fortnight washing the cage thoroughly. They are very inexpensive pets to keep - costing me on average £15 every 6 weeks or so. I use the brand Carefresh from pets at home for bedding, as it's very suitable and best for their respiratory system. And they're on the rat pellets/ nuggets by the brand Selective (also from pets at home).

I would prefer if my boys went to somebody with rattie experience, but I'd consider others if genuinely interested and I think you're the right person. I'm asking for £30, which of course includes the boys, and also the tall standing cage, two hanging beds, two hanging toys, two bridges, a massive rope, and an exercise ball. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm in Macclesfield. Could possibly deliver, however not 100% sure on that one.
Oh also, I forgot to add... if you feel happy enough letting them out of their cage for a bit of freedom, please please make sure you block off any escape routes. Rats are clever and can flatten themselves and fit through unexpected gaps.

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