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Our little cockateil baby is currently 15 weeks old. Her/his colours are very unusal a lutino pearl pied,if female as she matures her pearl will become more prominent. If male the pearl will dissappear as he matures. They are £90 and are ready to leave us,a £30 deposit secures if a possible home needs time to prepare for there arrival. They will come with an id ring, dna certificate a bag of food and information booklet. We hope to have to results in the next fortnight.

She/he steps up on command and is ready for further training, she/he is very easy to work with and catches on very quickly. They are a very good natured bird and love company. He/she loves to get head scratches and be petted and fussed over.

They are a playful little bird and like to see what you are doing. They are happy to chill out on your shoulder, arm or hand.HE/she will be a perfect family pet or companion. They are a quiet little bird, but could be taught to whistle talk and make noises.

If interested pm the page for further information or questions.

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Private Advert
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
6 months