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For sale.
Tailless Whip Scorpion
(Damon diadema).
Young well developed small babies available around 10.

Baby size at the moment With legs roughly around 3cm and body around 1cm.
Please note photos are of the adults that are not for sale.

Adults size Roughly 4-5 Inches Across With Legs Extended, Can Grow Up To 8 Inches Across As Well.

Perfectly Harmless.

This Species Can Be Kept Communally But Should Be Housed With Space And Multiple Hide Spots Such As Flat Cork Bark layered around the vivarium. You can also add plants like creeping fig, devils ivy, begonias to make the enclosure look more pleasing to the eye. Sufficient led lighting for plant growth should be added if ur keeping plants.
Substrate should be a good base layer of clay hydro balls, in between a layer of weed membrane, top layer of thick sphagnum moss, then add wood lice, springtails, worms to help the glass vivarium stay clean. YouTube has videos on how to creat a nice bio active substrate. Spray there glass vivarium daily as they need higher humidity around 80% with good air ventilation. Only use rain water or still bottle water, filter water, reverse osmosis water. Never tap water as this contains harmful metals, chemicals, chlorine.

Adults Are great Hunters Feeding On small size Crickets Daily. As babies they will take small flightless fruit flies and newly hatched pinhead crickets. These foods are readily available online shops and eBay.

I have a planted glass vivarium also available if you need one that would be a sufficient place house them.

£12 postage uk Mainland next day delivery.
Free postage if can you collect.

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Private Advert
Current Age
2 years
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
CITES Article 10 Certificate Number
123456/01 Read more about: 123456/01