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All of our puppies are from champion lines but foremost from their birth they have had 24hr care from feeding to cuddles and being loved. We sleep next to our puppies from birth, every feed is hands on to make sure they all get the nutrients they need, but also cuddles. We believe this is the best way to have a puppy that is balanced both mentally and physically, they are our children which we want to go to a home that loves these babies as much as we do.
No cages every whimper we were there. Our home is their home.
As these puppies grow they will have everything to make them the loving companion of every child and adult that they meet to be with them/you in their new home.
All the puppies come with microchip, puppy pack and toys with their KC registered papers and their DNA gene testing (so you know colours they can produce)
We have such an assortment of colours from pedigree standard to unique/ unusual
colours it's down to you to decide.
Brindle Male £2500
Lilac / blue male
Lilac / blue female 4500
Blue / fawn female stripe
Trio Black / Blue/ fawn male 3500
Blue white piebald female 3000
If you are seriously interested in a puppy, we would like to know about your home life to make sure that the puppy you choose is best suited to your home.
(Our property is cctv and guard dog protected for our babies)

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