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Hi, due to breakdown in my relationship with my other half and the fact he has left, I find myself in a position where i have to rehome some of my animals, as i just cant afford to keep them any more, so for sale:
I have 4 dragons, for sale the 2 females are sisters and always lived together until, i ended up rehoming 2 males, so decided to try them both with males instead, which also worked fine .....
so currently stumpy lives with the pinky coloured male, and bumpy lives with the yellowy coloured male
The 2 females will live as a pair, with either male, or just the 2 girls on their own, the only ones that wont live together are the 2 males as they will fight.there has never been any aggression with any of the others.

DRAGON 1... this is stumpy, she is around 2 years old,she lost her right foot when she was a baby, it hasnt held her back, she runs round as normal on it, i dont think she even knows its missing. she has some pink colouring round her head, and is quite attached to the pink male (pinky) who is also for sale, they have lived together for quite a while now, previously she always lived with her sister, she is a very sweet dragon, and likes attention. and will eat almost anything, so have needed to watch her weight, cos she does get a bit podgy :)

DRAGON 2 ...Pinky is a nicely coloured and patterned male,he is a pinky colour, nice natured, and really pretty, hard to capture his colour on camera though. he has lived with stumpy and the other female, and they all get on fine. dont know how old he is.

DRAGON 3 Bumpy, this is another female, she has tinges of yellow, recently she has been living with the yellowy male, dont think they are overly bothered about living together really though, she is stumpys sister, and they get on fine together. and previously lived together all their lives .... she is around 2 years old

DRAGON 4 ... yeller is a male around 3 years old, he has some yellow colouring, he has lived with the 2 females and gets on fine with both of them, will not live with the other male, currently living with one of the females. He is a bit grumpy, never bitten me but he sits and grumbles at you with his mouth open, and when he is in a mood he puffs himself up, hence he looks really fat on his picture (he isnt) he is missing the end of his tail, no idea how it happened, i got him like that..
All the dragons will live together, except for the 2 males, ive never left them together in a viv, as they have shown some aggression to each other when out having a run round, so ive just left the mixed pairs together. or the 2 females together.
£30 each, £55 per pair, or £100 for all 4..... their vivs are also for sale

Please ensure you know how bearded dragonsd should be kept and all of their needs, before offering them a home.

also for sale 4FT light coloured VIV and accessories. which they have all lived in at some point, and they are all happy in it
Has 2 air vents, viv is in good condition, except that along the back the white surface has been scratched at .... it comes with a stand, large heat mat, thermostat, 2 spotlight holders, uv tube(only 2 months old) and holder, a large cargo net, and hammock, their water dish is a plastic sweet tin (tried a bowl, but they like to climb in to drink, so needed something larger :) )
This viv and ALL contents (except dragons) will be £180
Also have 2 smaller vivs 1 that is currently a temporary home for yeller. and the other one is in the shed £25 each

I would prefer to deliver so i can see where they are going, as i want them to have the best home they could possibly get. This will make rehoming them much easier for me to deal with. Thanks you x

Please note, i am also selling more snakes, vivs, and tropical fish and other equipment . that i will post over the next few days, so please check out my other ads, thanks x

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bearded dragons
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2 years
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No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate