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Hi I’m selling our parrot called poppy, we only got her in May of this year when she was already 16 years old. Before we bought her we were told she did prefer men but we fell in love with her and thought we’d be ok . But unfortunately it hasn’t worked out. She was never hand tamed when we got her but was told she’d be better with a man as she ruffles her feathers and plumps herself up when a man is about. She’s had her claws trimmed and she eats very well, she has her parrot seed and mixed veg in another bowl, she loves kale, celery (that’s her favourite) , carrots, broccoli, apple , cucumber, bro be honest there’s not much she doesn’t like but please never feed avocado to a parrot as it’s poisonous.

She does have a good lot of words that she’ll say : poppy, cuppa tea, wanna chip, come on, what’s up, hi, she says a lot more , she’s also saying new words but not quite sure what she’s saying. She whistles away happily, she’s also kept in the living room with the family so she’s never lonely and has company, she loves watching the tv and I put a radio on for her when we go out . She loves having toys in her cage as it’s a good boredom breaker and keeps her entertained and her beak trimmed. I open the top of her cage so she can come out, she doesn’t fly around but sits on top of her cage and goes in when she’s ready.
She’ll come with her new cage that we recently purchased and toys, and food etc.
Due to her being a man’s bird she’ll have to go to a man only and not a female (sorry)
Please only contact me if you’re genuinely interested and can put in the time for this beautiful parrot, she never came with papers and has no ring around her leg. Buyer must collect and the price is set and will not be reduced. Thanks for reading this.

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Yellow crowned amazon
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
17 years