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Hand Reared And Super Tame Adorable Baby Budgies For Sale. They are Hand Reared from as young as 14 days old and now at 3 Months they are capable of Eating independently and are Super Tame. Every morning they Love Coming Out Side in the Garden and will Go to any One in the Family. I have them in a lot of Different Colours Such as: Greens,Blues,Violets,Yellows, White Albinos, and Other Gorgeous Mutation Colours. These birds have been Bred with Great Care and Most of them have a very Unique Mutation Colour, as they are Bred Carefully to get the Highest Quality Birds with the Best Quality of Colours. All Photos are taken in my Garden with a High Performance, High Definition Camera. I would much appreciate if other Advertisers Please dont Copy my Photos. On the day of viewing I take all my birds out of the cages and present them on a java tree stand, giving my customers a full choice to decide which budgie they would like to handle or play with, as well as getting the full chance to compare from one budgie to the other, in order to choose your perfect little pet. All Birds are very Socialised and Friendly towards Little kids and they all make a Great Pet to any Nice Loving Home. You can Buy any one from £35. They come with a Care sheet,Travel box and some Food. Buyers are welcome to visit the Birds at any time at our very own Bird Shop at Exotic Feathers, so please feel free to contact me

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Business Advert
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
3 months